Newsletter 16 December

So a very happy Christmas and healthy New Year to all. Monday 16th December was our last meeting of the year with diplomas hosted by Rod Fry, a buffet and a Christmas raffle.  Thank you Rod for introducing and commenting on the diplomas.  Well done to everyone taking part, it was good to see everyone gained their diplomas.  Darren Thompson - General Diploma, Dave Collerton and Stuart Chapman were both awarded Contemporary Diplomas.

Very well done also to Russell McGowan for gaining a Silver medal at the Masters of Print.  Russell travelled to Birmingham to receive his award.

We have Tony Worobiec on the 6 January, very worth while seeing, plus it is the last day for entries into the AV's/Multimedia for the Mason Trophy and also the Chairman's Challenge which this year has the theme of A Closer Look

Best regards, Angie Cottis