1. Constitution. The club shall consist of (a) Ordinary Members and (b) Honorary Life Members. 

1.1 Candidates for Ordinary Membership shall be proposed by one member of the Club and seconded by another member unless the Committee shall, at its discretion, dispense with such a requirement. An application for membership shall be made in writing on a form obtainable from the Membership Secretary. The election of a candidate shall be at the discretion of the Committee.

1.2 Honorary Life Membership may be given for outstanding services to the Club at the discretion of the Committee. 
2. Name and Object. The Club shall be known as the Paignton Photographic Club and its objects will be to stimulate interest and encourage proficiency in all aspects of Photography. 

3. Annual General Meeting. The Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall be held in April of each year. The quorum for such a Meeting shall be one third of the current membership. 

4. The Officers and Committee. The Officers of the Club shall be the Chairman, Vice Chairman, General Secretary, Programme Secretary, Treasurer, Print Competition Secretary and Digital Image Competition Secretary. 

4.2 The Committee shall comprise the Officers of the Club and additional members acting as Media Secretary, Minutes Secretary, Technical Support officer and WCPF Representative. The quorum for a Committee Meeting shall be five members. 

4.3 The Officers and Committee shall be elected annually by the members at each AGM and shall assume office after the last event of the Club programme. Any casual vacancy among the Officers and members of the Committee may be filled by the Committee for the remainder of the Club year. All Officers and other members of the Committee shall be eligible for re-election. 

4.4 No member of the Club shall be eligible for election as Officer or other Committee Member unless his/her name has been proposed and seconded by other members of the Club in writing to the General Secretary at least 14 days prior to the AGM. Those nominated must be willing to serve. Should nominations for Officers and other members of the Committee (including those retiring) exceed the required number, the result will be determined by a ballot. 

1 Rev 14.1.2019 

4.5 Members of this Club who are also committee members of other photographic clubs will not be allowed to serve on this Club’s Committee except where they are involved with a governing body e.g. WCPF, PAGB or RPS. 

5. Notice of General Meetings. Notice of any General Meeting specifying the business to be brought before it shall be sent to each member at his/her address or email address or be available to hand to him/her personally at least 7 days prior to the date of each meeting.

6. Extra-Ordinary Meeting. The Committee may at any time for any special purpose call and Extra-Ordinary General Meeting and shall be bound to do so on a written request signed by not less than 7 members of the Club stating explicitly the business to be brought forward and delivered to the general Secretary; such Meeting to be held within 42 days of the date of receipt of such request.

7. Amendment to Constitution and Rules. No amendment to the Constitution and Rules shall be made except at the AGM or Extra-Ordinary General Meeting. Notice of Intention to propose any such amendment must be given in writing to the General Secretary at least 14 days before the date of any such meeting. It shall be the duty of the General Secretary to notify such proposed amendment to all members of the Club.

8. Interpretation of Rules. The Committee shall be the sole authority for the interpretation of the Rules and the decision of the Committee upon any question of interpretation and upon any matter affecting the Club and not provided for those Rules shall be final.

9. Potential Members. Potential members and non-members introduced and accompanied by a member may attend two meetings during the course of the Club’s year before submitting a membership proposal form.

10. Termination of Membership. The Committee shall have the power to terminate the membership of any member if it is considered to be in the interests and for the well-being of the Club that such a membership should terminate. No membership shall be terminated except by a two thirds majority of all the members of the Committee.

11. Effect of ceasing to be a member. Any member, on ceasing to be a member of the Club, shall forfeit all right to and claims upon the Club, its property and funds.

12. Club Funds. No money is to be spent in the form of cash. All expenditure will be made by cheque requiring the signature of two of its nominated Officers. The nominated signatories are to be the Chairman, General Secretary, and Treasurer of the Club.

13. Financial Year. The Club Financial Year shall begin on the 1st April and finish on the 31st March. 

2 Rev 14.1.2019