WCPF Event Details & Changes to the Sleep Trophy Competition Format

A reminder that there is a WCPF (Western Counties Photographic Federation) event taking place on Saturday 12 October. The morning comprises of the AGM and there is a speaker in the afternoon. Their website has further information, venue details and more.There has been a slight change to the Sleep Trophy Competition this year.  Firstly, we are allowing three entries and not two as it says in the Handbook.  Also these will not be individual images but a composite of three images on one sheet - so individual DPIs are not required. The subject matter is Modes of Transport so get your thinking caps on The last entry date for this competition is 18 November.This Monday is the last day for entering the James Wilson competition and the theme is abstract. Please use Photo Entry to submit your entries. Monday evening promises to be an interesting one with Ian Bateman's talk entitled "You Are The Judge", Worth remembering perhaps when visiting judges don't quite get our entries.

David Shawe talks about his personal take on Landscape Photography

PPC members were indeed fortunate to have an excellent stand in for the unwell Brian Northmore at their meeting last night. David, an experienced and talented landscape photographer based in Kingsbridge where he is a member of Kingsbridge & District Camera Club, treated members to some amazing photography taken at various locations throughout the UK and abroad. His laid back style and amusing personal anecdotes combined well with the colour, monochrome and infrared images he choose to display from the past 30 years or so  A favourite haunt for David is Scotland, both the Highlands and Islands, and we were able to enjoy some stunning images from these locations including mountain, seascape and even abstract images. Another favourite was Iceland and I doubt many watching didn't feel a tug in that direction. This amazing and often alien landscape was beautifully captured in a series of landscape and seascape images. Stunning locations all, and some inspiring and often imaginative images to boot. I'm sure that David will be back again soon and I'm sure we will all look forward to his next visit. 


Next Month the Review Group will be meeting on the 15th October at the Conservative Club in Palace Avenue, Paignton.  We will be looking at the world of Photo book Publishing. Time to look at the specialist Publishers such a Dewi Lewis, Steidl, Tate, Aperture, Errata Editions, Hoxton Press and Cafe Royal Books to name but a few. Please bring in examples of photo books you like and why.

October Newsletter & Update

A big thank you to Mike Bond for his excellent information given on the care of our cameras.  It was very informative and I must admit learnt things that I did not know.  But I certainly won't be trying to clean my camera lens, I think I will leave it to the experts!Thank you and congratulations to Stuart Chapman on gaining his CPABG over the summer.  It was good to see your winning panel with a good explanation to go with it.As a fill in we were treated to a few of the audio visual (AV) winners from the WCPF (Western Counties Photographic Federation) for some of our newer members who may not know.This Monday 7 October, we can look forward to Brian Northmore's talk titled Mono Vision.Don't forget that Monday is the last day to enter the first open (any subject) competition.Angie Cottis

New PPC 2019/20 Season Kicks Off

Good to be back with our first club night of the season, all hosted in style by chairman Alex Hamer, with Stuart Chapman kicking off with an overview of the new season, Dave Collerton providing an introduction to the new club website and talks on The Review Group by Rod Fry, Summer School by Chris Arkell and a personal perspective on photography from Ross Elliott. Great also to meet up with prospective new members Anne and Wayne and to find out a little more about their interests for their photography in the future.

Highlights for club events coming in the next month include:

30th Sept 'Camera Care' & 'Don't Shoot!?' with Mike Bond & Carla Bryan

7th Oct 'Mono Vision' a talk by Brian Northmore

14th Oct 'You are the Judge' - a talk by the ever popular Ian Bateman

21st Oct Section 1 Competition Dpi's.  Open theme (don't forget to get your entries in - last date for entry 7th October)

28th Oct Members Review night (with 2 of your dpi's) with a guest judge. Something new for 2019

Some great times ahead for our club.

About The Club

Welcome to the Paignton Photographic Club website, designed to help showcase and promote the photography of its membership and the club as a whole. 

New members are always welcome, we run regular meetings across the autumn and winter inviting a wide range of guest speakers to talk to members about their photography including tips and tricks within their specialisations.

Recent Images

2018/19 Poulson Cup - Highly Commended Alex Hamer: A Portrait 2018/19 Poulson Cup - 3rd Place Julie McGowan Flight Over Seahorses 2018/19 Poulson Cup - 1st Place: Robert Gray: My Hero
2018/19 Dyment Trophy - 5th Place Carla Bryan Stop Stop STOP 2018/19 Dyment Trophy - Highly Commended Margaret Ewer Plymouth Raiders Goal 2018/19 Dyment Trophy - 6th Place Nick Webb Bucket Of Steam Find You Must Jedi Become You



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